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Whether anticipating the joys of adoption or experiencing the pain of marital conflict, Eric D. Levine will listen to your needs and help you reach solutions to your legal problems.

Mr. Levine has served families in Charlotte for more than 25 years. A skilled family law attorney, he provides legal services in a wide spectrum of areas, including:

  • Adoption
  • Alimony
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Child support modification
  • Divorce
  • Juvenile delinquency and dependency proceedings
  • Mediation
  • Prenuptial agreements

While adopting a child brings happiness to families, adoption can also result in substantial heartache when something goes wrong.  Eric D. Levine assists families with the complex legal paperwork and procedures of adoption so you can feel confident that the process is handled accurately and your child’s wellbeing is secure.

Getting divorced is difficult, but it should not lead to a financial crisis. Mr. Levine can help you establish fair and equitable spousal support, allowing you to continue to live as comfortably as before your marriage ended.

Child custody and visitation
For any parent, child custody is the most heart-wrenching aspect of divorce. Mr. Levine will advocate for your parental rights so you can raise your children in a fit and healthy home.

Child support
Both parents share in the responsibility of raising a child.  Mr. Levine does everything possible to help your child receive the financial support they need for a healthy, happy upbringing.

Child support modification
When the unexpected happens — a lost job or a sudden injury —you may be temporarily unable to make your child support payments. Mr. Levine can successfully obtain a modification of your child support order so you can support your children while rebuilding your own financial security.

Mr. Levine stands by you throughout your divorce. He obtains the best possible results in court or at the negotiation table, and has extensive experience handling issues such as the fair distribution of assets, the division of a marital home, child support payments and child custody rights.

Juvenile delinquency and dependency proceedings
When state authorities interfere in your parent/child relationship, you need a compassionate advocate who understands the bureaucratic red tape.  Eric D. Levine is skilled at maneuvering through the complex laws of North Carolina to protect your parental rights and your child’s future.

Mediation puts the decisions in your hands and often provides more expedient, predictable results than court trials produce. A skilled negotiator, Mr. Levine can help you obtain a favorable divorce settlement through mediation.

Prenuptial agreements
When you marry your beloved, you may not foresee the potential problems that can lead to divorce. Mr. Levine expects the unexpected and drafts premarital agreements that protect both spouses’ interests. Having an agreement in place can alleviate some of the stress should you ever divorce.

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Eric D. Levine is located in Charlotte, NC. He serves clients in Mecklenburg, Gaston, Cabarrus, Stanly, Rowan, Iredell and throughout the state of North Carolina.